Tips for Removing Water Spots

A crystal-clear window can be immensely satisfying and make your home look great. That’s until you’re done cleaning and find several pesky hard water stains ruining your hard work.

Here are some tips to help you with removing water spots from all of your windows!

Why Do My Windows Have Water Spots?

Water typically carries numerous minerals with it. Water spots form whenever water is left to dry on its own, which causes it to leave behind mineral deposits on the glass surface. The fluid evaporates, and all that’s left is that white, hard water material that plagues your windows.

These types of water spots can be caused by rain, your sprinkler, or leaking water from your gutters. Looking into what might be hitting your windows with water could go a long way in preventing water spots from occurring in the first place.

How Do I Remove Hard Water Spots?

If you’re looking for household remedies or window cleaning in Scottsdale, there’s a few tried and true solutions you can use to break down irritating water spots. The first is by using an equal parts solution of water and vinegar. You can utilize this solution in a variety of ways, including a spray bottle or by towel and hand. 

Others have also found success by adding some of the solution to a bit of baking soda which causes a paste-like substance to form. You can then apply the substance to the hard water spot and let it sit momentarily. After the solution has had a chance to break down the mineral deposits, you can wipe over the area again with a wet cloth to fully clean and dry the window. 

Many store-bought cleaners are designed to fight off hard water spots and feature similar acidic properties to help with breaking down spots. Barkeeper’s friend is particularly effective at removing aggressive stains.

Finally, many homeowners swear by using lemon to remove their hard water stains. The citric acid in lemons works similarly to vinegar and can provide an effective cleaning method. Simply cut open the orange, rub it into the stain, and let it sit before rinsing and drying. 

Can I Prevent Hard Water Spots?

If hard water spots are forming from your home’s own water supply, you can consider adding water softeners to help break down some of the contained minerals. This can go a long way in preventing water stains caused by your own cleaning methods.

As mentioned above, investigate to see if any of the structures around your home are inadvertently exposing your windows to unnecessary water. Make adjustments to your sprinkler and irrigation systems to ensure that your windows stay clean. 

The best way to prevent hard water stains from building up and becoming a serious problem is to clean all of the affected surfaces on a regular basis. The longer that hard water spots are allowed to sit, the more difficult they can be to clean. Particularly bad stains can be impossible to remove entirely. Clean, rinse, and thoroughly dry your windows to prevent the possibility of buildup.

Need a Window Cleaning Professional in Phoenix?

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