Do It Yourself Window Cleaning

Do It Yourself Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows can often result in streaks, hard water spots, and frustration. That’s why it’s easier to lean on professionals like All Kleen.

But what can you do in the meantime when the glass gets dirty? 

Here’s some do it yourself window cleaning tips to get you through until your next professional window cleaning in Phoenix.

Gather the Proper Materials

There are a few tools proven to clean your windows more effectively without the risk of damage. This includes a squeegee, a strip applicator, microfiber cloth, and a glass cleaner solution that contains vinegar and water such as Windex. You can also create your own homemade window cleaner using part distilled vinegar and part tap water.

With these items, you’ll have what you need to effectively rid the glass of dirt, and just as importantly, dry it sufficiently afterward.

How to Perform the Ideal Window Cleaning

The problem with most people’s cleaning method is that they effectively rub the dirt around the glass without ever actually removing it. Even if you scrub from top to bottom, all you’re doing is moving the debris, which is going to leave behind scratches and make your windows unsightly. 

Your applicator is the ideal tool to move around soap as well as remove dirt from the glass. You actually want less soap suds to reduce the opportunity for it to leave streaks. Once you’ve gently cleaned your glass surfaces, you can then utilize the squeegee. 

The squeegee is the most effective tool at removing moisture while creating a streak free window. If you use paper towels or harsh fabrics, it will take multiple passes and never quite pick up all of the soap and water without leaving marks or streaks. Work your way from top to bottom, always slightly overlapping with the previous pass. Wipe the squeegee with your lint free microfiber cloth to rid the blade of any dirt or excess moisture. 

Afterward, you’ll likely have some minimal soapy water left at the window edges. Use your cloth to neatly tidy up these edges and corners as not to leave behind swirl marks or streaks. 

How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Whether you’ve seen them on your home windows or on your car’s dash, you’re likely familiar with hard water stains or spots. This occurs when you allow water to evaporate naturally rather than drying it with a scratch-resistant cloth. It ends up leaving behind minerals which solidify as the unsightly stains you see. 

The best way to combat them is by being preventative from the get-go. Always dry your windows immediately rather than allowing them the chance to dry.

However, when it comes to dealing with stains you already might have, there’s still hope. Many homeowners utilize a variety of tested homemade methods to get it done. For light to mild stains, you may be able to rub these stains off with some persistence if you utilize a solution of white vinegar and water. Others have found success utilizing the properties in white wine to break down the minerals. 

For more egregious buildups, try creating a paste-based solution using baking soda and vinegar. Apply the paste over the spot entirely and allow it to settle and work. Scrub the remaining solution off and, once again, thoroughly dry the area. Not all hard water stains are removable, so be sure to tell your professional glass cleaner during their next visit.  

Get a Professional Window Cleaning with All Kleen

Cleaning your windows is simple and something anyone can do, but it’s frustrating to get them looking perfect. When you add difficult hard water stains into the mix, it can seem hopeless to get them crystal clear. 

All Kleen is one of the best window cleaning companies in Phoenix, serving the area for nearly 15 years. We provide cleaning services for windows, screens, tracks, solar panels, blinds, and much more. Just check out our long history of satisfied clients!

If you’re tired of your windows never looking quite right, call All Kleen today at 602-515-6129 for a free, fixed quote right over the phone!

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